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Voting privileges
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You know what I think? Doesn't matter, you will in five minutes.

I've always been aware of how politically ignorant I am. I went into my first state election, newly 18, and hadn't heard of at least three of the parties (which led me to putting Family First quite high up, due to their innocuous name, but as it turns out, their policies are very Christian-driven).

But when I was at school, I actually knew quite a bit about it. Definitely not enough to call myself very informed, but enough to call myself...mildly informed. In any case, I was more informed than I am now.

And based on this one, single case, I reckon 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote. Without hard evidence, I do think that my case is not alone - I'd be willing to bet that quite a few people cared a bit less once they were old enough to actually need to know. This is partly due to some schools encouraging political curiosity, and partly because 16-year-olds are very much at their peak of wanting to change the world. One vote at a time. I remember being quite frustrated that my voice didn't count.

After some discussion with a friend, I acknowledged that not at 16-year-olds are like this though. Some of them are quite stupid. And still a bit self-absorbed. So I propose instead that 16- and 17-year-olds be allowed to vote, without being obligated to. If we operate on a basis similar to what's in America, presumably, only the teenagers who care enough to make the effort will be the ones voting.

There are some obvious concerns, with regard to teenagers obviously not placing as much priority on some very important aspects, things that don't affect them yet like housing, job security, sometimes roads. But at the same time it adds a perspective that is lost to adults, policies that are for children, for example, or that are about the more distant future. I think it would have the power to make sure politicians listen to the needs of the youth.

Now, who do I address this idea to?

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Solving the world: step 1
It only took slight persuassion from kaitmaree77 to get me back. I should be doing psychology reading but I had a thought in the shower that really ought to be shared with the world. It's just that important.

So I reckon all houses built these days should be made to have gray water systems installed. Grey water? How's that spelt? Does it matter? I mean, Australia's no longer in much danger of drought, but it would be good for future droughts, plus just reasonably sustainable. Mostly I like this idea because I was standing under the shower for a good 5-10 minutes (which is about three times as long as when I was young and idealistic and green) and I wanted to figure out how I could continue enjoying such hot showers without the guilt that sometimes hits me all in a ball of fury. Simple. Grey water.

And you're all wondering how I could even think of removing myself from the internet with ideas like these.

Writer's Block: Give me a sign
Reporter Kermit
If your astrological sign has changed, do you think your personality more resembles your current or past sign?

Chances are, they will match my personality about an equal amount, DUE TO astrologists using the PT Barnum effect, which I learnt about in my psych reading, and is where people use general statements that apply to the vast majority of the population and therefore contain very accurate predictions.

Speaking of psych reading, uni is tres boring, porque they keep telling me to read stuff before the lectures, but THEN when I go the lectures, they're just saying all the stuff in the reading. Why is that necessary? WHY?

Ethical dilemma
HHGTTG - knitted people
So 'sup? Normally when it comes to ethics, I can generally decide one way or the other, to an extent, or be all 'well, it definitely depends on the situation, but if A, then I wuold do this, but if B, then I would do this'. Or just be able to stop thinking about it.

But hear me out on this one. Placebos, right? I'm kind of of the opinion that if they work, why NOT continue selling them? Like, maybe a certain drug doesn't actually do anything, but people always report much lower pain after taking it.

First issue: side effects of drug. Solution: make it a sugar pill.

Second issue: charging money for something that doesn't actually cost money, DESPITE the fact that you are technically getting what you're paying for. I have no solution for this one, I can't decide whether it's ethical or not. Although you could say, make it cheap. Issue with THAT is that the more expensive a drug is, the larger the placebo effect (we think it's expensive because it's so good) which pretty much means if you make it too cheap, it won't work any more.

Look, I'd personally prefer someone to sell me a placebo if it worked. BUT you can't assume that for everyone, and you'd need their consent. But getting consent obviously ruins the effect of the placebo (if they knew it wasn't an actual drug, etc). So there's an issue there, too.

Obviously I'm not for placebos where it stops people seeking proper medical attention - ie, any "natural remedies" for cancer, etc. But for symptoms rather than the actual illness, such as pain, I think placebos are an excellent alternative. The main problem here is that some people don't think they should pay for them if they're not actually...real.

Thoughts, thoughts?

Day 5 - Greed
Maura - awww
Seven worldly material desires

Firstly, no longer will a CAR be on the list, on account of I HAVE ONE. Which is the most exciting thing to happen me for a while. It's a nice little Volkswagen Polo, secondhand, MANUAL (always important), and I love it already. Anywho.

1. A really chunky piece of chocolate. Right now.
2. A phone that lets me use google maps whereeeever I am. I get lost easily.
3. A really big (tidy - but that's not material) bedroom, with lots of space. And in it:
4. a couple more bookcases. My one is all filled up :(
5. A library! Although this is more like...distant future desire. When I'm old and rich, my house will have a library.
6. Hmm...a comfy reading chair to put in my spacious room :P
7. A wardrobe of nice dresses so I don't have to go out and buy one when I have to go out x_x

Day 4 - Sloth
HHGTTG - knitted people
Seven things you neglect to do.

1. Practise piano. I had so much potential and I was just too lazy, so I"m stuck at being mediocre. Le sigh. Oh well, concert pianists don't get paid much :P

2. Buy new clothes. A friend pointed out how daggy my fashion sense was, but I just...don't like shopping...

3. Oh, this is hard, I recently went on a 'don't be lazy, do stuff' binge, so most of the normal stuff I'm actually doing now. Um...figure out which charity my sister and I are going to give our Christmas money to.

4. Write to my sponsor kid! It's been over a year now :/

5. Cook dinners once in a while.

6. Learn how to use make-up properly. I hate having stuff on my face, I never liked being face painted as a kid. But I could probably do to learn what looks good, but...meh.

7. Appreciate the gifts I've been given and using them properly.

Day 3 - Wrath
Psych - pineapple
Seven things that piss you off.

1. Some people's inability to think from someone else's perspective.

2. Misdirected anger.

3. Right now, the fact that I got my Psych remarked because I thought a 5 was a ridiculous mark when I'd been getting 7s all year and it didn't go up, and my teacher isn't even the slightest bit curious about why none of her class did as well as we all expected.

4. The fact that the uni makes you wait until the last possible second before it allows you to see your timetable and therefore find some semblance of a routine.

5. People who turn up more than half an hour late without any forewarning. Just what. Especially when we're WAITING for you, give us a call, geez.

6. When people don't hold up their side of the conversation. It's bloody hard to sit there and try and come up with thousands of stories to tell, just because there's no response from the other person.

7. Rules for rules' sake.

Day 2 - Envy
Maura - awww
Seven things you lack and covet.

1. A caaar, just like chocolate_frapp. I only got my license two months ago, and already I'm feeling restricted by how I have to negotiate when I can borrow my mum's.

2. A laptop - but I'll be GETTING one when my aunt brings one back from Singapore. In April D: I can last till then, I can laaast...

3. Self discipline. But it's ok, I'm working on that one.

4. The desire to go out to clubs. I am missing so many social events, but I just...do not want.

5. A decent uni timetable - the preferences I've put in are really good, but they are also everyone else's preferences, so we'll see how that turns out...

6. Amazing trumpet playing ability.

7. kaitmaree77 living in Melbourne.

LIFE always gets in the way
Reporter Kermit
'Sup guys. Every now and then I think to myself 'I should post about that on LJ' only then I forget. And don't. After I came back from two weeks at an aaawesome kids' camp and made friends with some amazing people, I've been living up the last few weeks of holidays by doing a lot of things that never really appealed to me, but that everyone seems to enjoy doing - like:

- going to a 21st with only a couple of days notice where I only know three other people (which did end up being fun);
- hanging out with a bunch of people I'd only met a few days previously (which would've been fun if I hadn't've been so damn tired)
- going out to a pub until 3 in the morning (which included the adventure of mingling with some real dickheads, but still ended up being a fun night (as well as giving me some good stories)); and
- flirting with a boy three years older than me (which, yes, was pretty fun)

ANYWAY. I stole a meme that looked fun times from chocolate_frapp - mostly because I get to gloat and whinge without it being bad.

the Seven Deadly Sins Meme
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.

My list plus the rest of the daysCollapse )

It's time to use the FREEZER
HHGTTG - knitted people
So it's pretty much boiling around this time of year, assuming you live in the southern hemisphere, and here is a quick guide to which fruits are good in the freezer, and which are not.

Stewed apples - amazing. My favourite ever, 'cause it has sugary sauce that freezes nicely.
Kiwi fruit - excellent, especially if they're getting kind of squishy and no one wants to eat them (which happens annoyingly often at my place).
Any type of berry
Banana with chocolate - I'm not a big fan of banana, but I'm still expected to eat them when they go all brown and squishy, because I like them when they're green and NO ONE ELSE EATS THEM. So even though this isn't my fave, it still tastes a bit like banana, if you HAVE to eat them, this is a good way to do it

Mandarin - dunno, just didn't work for me
Watermelon - the water content's too high, and it freezes too solidly, and pretty much just tastes like an iceblock, boring. Although I've heard it's good as an ice-in-drink substitute
Mashed potatoes. You'd think it'd go without saying, but I just wanted to try it...

Anyone have any recommendations, let me know. I'm going to continue with my experimentation - next up, summer stone fruit! And apples. I've never tried those before.
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